This section provides you information about field types supported in fireapis. Fireapis almost has all prebuilt field types.

Every field contains a name, its type, and other few pre-defined parameters:

  • Unique -It says that a field is unique among its API resource If a field is added with unique as true means that field needs to contain uniques value if the duplicate value is given it will show an error while making

    API calls.

  • Blank - This says that field is required or it can be optional, If it's selected, then that field will be optional. By default, all fields will be required field.

  • Null - This says that a field can accept null as a field. If it's selected then that field can accept null as a value. By default, it will not accept a null value.

Add field

Field types

Field data types
Foreign key

Foreign key field the field which represents another API resource, so you have to select which API resource foreign key. It cannot have a unique value.

Primary key

The primary key field is a crucial field for an API resource by default it automatically gets added as the id field.


Float field accepts only float data types like 1.0,15.5.


This type is can accept a string as a value.


The JSON field can accept only JSON data. It mostly used metadata for that API resources. It cannot have a unique value.


Boolean field can accept true(True) or false(False). It cannot have unique values as it accepts only true or false.


Numeric type can accept the only number as 1,3.


A date field can accept the only date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD(2021-06-23).


Time field can accept the only date in the format of hh:mm:ss(13:06:25).

IP Address

The IP address field can accept only IP address format be like 255:255:255:255.

Date Time

Date time field can accept timestamp in iso format like 2021-04-24T17:05:30.923392Z.

Date Time

The URL field can accept only a valid URL like or

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