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0.8 Gb/monthUnlimitedUnlimited

API logs

Last 7 daysLast 2 monthsLast 1 year


SSL secured endpoints

Marketplace APIs

Webhooks configuration (comming soon)

Custom integrations

Caching - Performance optimized (comming soon)

Vedor-Lockin (Code and data is to generated& downloadable as zip) (comming soon)


Email support

Technical support

Support - 24x7

Will be available soon

Frequently asked questions

Is fireapis is free to use?

Yes. Fireapis is free to use. You can always upgrade to a Pro or Business plan when you need higher usage or additional features.

What are the benefits of using fireapis?

We have a list of few benefits

  1. Separate environments can have separate APIs.
  2. Create as many APIs
  3. Deploying and running scalable APIs in the cloud.
  4. Caching APIs request for performance optimization.
  5. Monitoring logs for each API request consumption.
  6. Prebuilt documentation of APIs.
  7. Save your time and cost by avoiding designing and development spent on the backend.
  8. Avoid vendor lock-in, Smooth exit out of fireapis where backend API code with documentation and DB backup will be given in automated process(coming soon).

How about the security of APIs built on fireapis?

There are two types of security, first level is environment token will be given after the creation of the environment which ensures environment level security, and the second level, for each endpoint authorization, we are going to have a JWT flow like a signup and login flow which gives JWT token, this token can be used while consuming each endpoint.

How fireapis billing works?

Pay for what you use. Usage will be invoiced at the end of every billing cycle. Every month you will have to pay for what you use. As of now, we don't have automatic charges on cards, so you have to manually pay an invoice.

Is fireapis is similar to zapier?

No. With fireapis, you can build backend APIs with just a few steps in minutes, whereas zapier allows users to integrate web applications.

Do I have the option to upgrade the plan later?

Yes.Log in with your fireapis account and go to settings, there you can see an option for changing the plan

What happens if I forgot to pay a monthly invoice?

You will be getting a notification in your mail. If payment is not done after 15 days of invoice generation. Your API calls will be stopped and it will be throwing billing errors.

What happens to data if want to move out of fireapis? How fireapis handle vendor lock-in?

As of now, it will be a manual process but sooner we will have an automated process. You can drop us mail at [email protected] regarding exit from fireapis with the appropriate email id registered. We will be getting all your environment data in JSON format or it will be Postgres backup where it will be easy for you to integrate on another DB.

Can we get backend APIs code if want to move out of fireapis? Whether this problem of vendor lock-in is handled by fireapis?

As of now No, but we are designing the architecture for this use case, where code will be generated automatically with all your details associated with your account and which can be downloaded as a zip file also with docs on how to set up. We are more interested in solving vendor lock-in by our platform.

Where to ask for third-party applications APIs(Airtable, Stripe, etc..,) integrations in the marketplace?

You can drop us mail at [email protected] can also request for integration

Is the marketplace is extra chargeable?

No!. It's free for all paid plan users. Only free plans users will not be able to use marketplace APIs