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Build scalable product by creating scalable backend

Create, manage and monitor production backend APIs in a single platform


Top features


APIs scales automatically to handle the amount of traffic your API receives

SSL Secured

All API endpoint are encrypted and secured by SSL by default


Create as many APIs for different environments

API Logs

Maintain and monitor logs for each API calls without third party apps

Environment Secured

Each environment are secured with an environment token by default

Cost Optimized

Reduce the cost in backend by usage-based pricing and by avoiding backend DevOps setups


Integrate third party APIs and prebuilt APIs like Authentication, Airtable, Stripe, etc.., with nocode backend

Connect easily

Easy to connect with any front-end framework and also with no-code front-end providers which support REST APIs


Configure a trigger event to an endpoint for every API event changes like creation, updating, and deletion of data through APIs


How it works?

Step 1

Add new environment

Create new environment

Create new environment to start creating new api endpoints for those environment

Step 2

Create new API resource without code

Create new API

Create new API resource with various field types for those specific environment

Step 3

Consume API resource using react or javascript

Consume API

There will be a curl generated for the specific API resource.Your secure endpoint is ready to consume by any client

Step 4

Create new API resource without code

Monitor Logs

Quickly search, filter, and analyze your logs for troubleshooting and open-ended exploration of your data.