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Easily setup backend in simple nocode.

Thinking about Tech Stack of Backend for your Business?

Fireapis is the simple platform to build using Nocode.

Optimised for scalablity, No code & No Maintainence.

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Imagine what would you cost to develop backend

Own Infra

More time & money gets invested in development

  • Choosing the right tech stack
  • Development & managing the code
  • Maintaining Server & DB which needs skilled resources
  • A lot of money spent on servers & maintanence of the same
  • Slowly scaling of business as its more dependent on engineering

Nocode Infra

Reduce money & time by building using Nocode

  • Fireapis will take care of managing the right scalable tech stack
  • Make your life easy by using nocode, where it takes care of code.
  • No need to spend on servers or database as its automated
  • A single source of spend on nocode, which can save your money
  • Business can scale fast as it doesn't have dependent on engineering

How Fireapis Works

Basic backend in four steps with simple nocode.

Focus on your business by building your application tech stack using nocode.

Build complicated business logics. Fireapis provides simple no-code interface to build your logics in simple way.

Save your time, money & energy using fireapis

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Business logics

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No Maintanence

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