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Build Scalable Backend with NoCode

Create, manage, monitor APIs and integrate third-party APIs in a single platform.


Top features


API requests scale rapidly due to the serverless architecture adopted which can handle a large amount of traffic

SSL Secured

The environment will be provided with SSL certification so that all requests are encrypted and secured by SSL


Make APIs for different products or businesses by creating environments that make it easier to manage APIs.

Logs Management

Logs are recorded by default for every API request. You can view and manage the logs of the APIs

Environment Security

Every environment can be only be accessed by providing their relevant unique environment token

Cost Reduction

You pay for what you use and avoid unnecessary costs on setting up infrastructure for the backend


Start integration of third-party APIs and prebuilt APIs without any coding or difficulties involved.

Connect easily

Easy to connect with any front-end framework and also with no-code front-end providers which support REST APIs


Configure a trigger event for every API event for the operations performed in the data

How it works?

Make no code backend APIs in three steps

Add new environment

Step 1

Start creating environments for different business

You can easily create and maintain different environments for different products or businesses which give flexibility for creating different separate APIs in those environments

Step 2

Create, edit and manage APIs

Once you have created an environment, you can start creating APIs for your client in the environment to start consuming APIs faster without any hassle and coding

Create new API resource without code
Consume API resource using react or javascript

Step 3

Consume APIs from any client

You can start consuming standard REST APIs.You can easily set up APIs on your client-side by using different code snippets provided by us

Step 4

Easily monitor APIs using inbuilt logs

You will not need any third party for maintaining your APIs logs. All your APIs are wrapped with logs by default. You can easily search and filter your API logs and can view the data flow

Create new API resource without code