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Build Scalable Backend with NoCode

Build, manage, monitor APIs and integrate third-party APIs in a single platform.

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Manage different business

Don't need to build and manage each business API in a single place. Create APIs of different businesses in a separate environment, maintain a different environment for each business

Customize APIs

Add custom base URLs for APIs, then remaining URLs for the usage of (CRUD) APIs will be created by us automatically

Use different field types and get the benefits of validations of each field by default with no code involved

add api and add field

Fireapis helps with every aspect of backend development with no code.

Get the full usage of backend APIs, GraphQL and Playground for API testing. Monitor error in APIs through logs.

Api playground

API Playground

Our API playground will help test API endpoints and integrations of APIs in front-end clients. API playground will have options to test different filter API endpoints

How it works?

Build no code backend APIs in simple steps

Step 1

Create environment

Place where APIs and various keys of third-party apps can be maintained separately for each business

Step 2

Build & Manage APIs

Build APIs with the field configuration as per the requirement of business

Step 3

Test APIs

Our API playground will let you test your APIs created without much hassle and cURL commands

Step 4

Montior APIs

You can monitor your requests that are made to APIs and Environment using our internal API logging feature