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Easily build business logics

  • Just add action, each action will have its purpose on fulfilling business logic
  • Connect those list of actions to form a logic
  • Using that logic as endpoint on your frontend or nocode platform

Manage your database tables

  • Avoid mantaining migrations in your side, Fireapis take care of that
  • Create and edit table field with ease, without spending time on migration
  • Add columns with their respective types, Fireapis will do the field validation automatically

Track your backend by logs

  • Fireapis records each requests made to environment
  • Detailed view of each request and there status, timings and other information can be monitored
  • With logs we can easily manage the errors and fix it using our platform

Webhooks to transfer data

  • Using Webhooks, transfer your data to other services like airtable, notion, etc..,
  • Simply enter your webhook url, configure which action on table needs a trigger to webhook
  • Test webhooks using fireapis test webhooks feature

Analytics of backend usage

  • Fireapis gives you detailes analysis for requests, webhooks, function in dashboard
  • By using dashboard you can get more analytic insights on your API usages
  • Graphical representation gives value to your analysis rather than numbers

Focus on your business by building your application tech stack using nocode.

Build complicated business logics. Fireapis provides simple no-code interface to build your logics in simple way.

Save your time, money & energy using fireapis

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