The perfect platform for no-code backend

Fireapis cares about scaling and securing your backend without coding involved.



Build & Manage REST APIs with no code using fireapis. Add your field with their respective types and make use of our default validators

Interactive API Playground

Now start testing your APIs in our API playground and validate your API structure before integrating it into your product

Field Validations

Fireapis automatically validates your payload with field types and reduce your work on validations in frontend clients


Explore GraphQL

You can start integrating GraphQL Queries in fireapis and also can write queries using our interactive GraphQL Playground

GraphQL Query Explorer

Write your custom GraphQL query using our query explore in GraphQL Playground

GraphQL Code Exporter

Export your GraphQL query as code which will help integrate with the front-end client app


Integrate Webhooks

Listen for actions performed on APIs and connect many applications through Webhooks

Pagination for APIs

Fireapis will add pagination for APIs by default and improve the performance on API request

Encrypted API keys

Store all third-party application API keys in an encrypted mechanism.


API Logs

Monitor and Debug APIs using logs provided by fireapis for actions performed on your environments

Marketplace Applications

Integrate third-party applications APIs without backend setup and save your time and money

Documented APIs

View and Integrate APIs easily by our automated document on APIs


Third-party APIs

Connect and start integrating third-party(like stripe, notion, airtable, etc) APIs without any code or backend setup. Just provide your third-party API keys to us and make use of no-code third-party APIs